2010 Carousel House Lunch Menu

The following eight listings all include salad, roll or bread or garlic toast, drink (soda, water, ice tea, lemonade), and dessert.

  1. Three cheese mac and cheese (penne pasta & breadcrumbs on top).
  2. Linguini in Alfredo sauce.
  3. Linguine in marinara sauce.
  4. Spaghetti with meat sauce or or meatless sauce.
  5. Penne pasta with pesto (vegetarian).
  6. Penne pasta with tomato and olives in tomato sauce.
  7. Tetrazzini with turkey or chicken (noodles in a white sauce topped with cheese).
  8. Linguine with white clam sauce.

Above meals are $7 per person with a $50 minimum.

More lunch selections

Soups:  All soups are homemade and served with rolls or bread, drink, and dessert for $6 per person with a $50 minimum.

  1. Prime rib and vegetable
  2. Chicken noodle
  3. Ham and bean
  4. Split pea and ham
  5. Corn chowder
  6. Clam chowder
  7. Chicken tortellini
  8. Potato chowder
  9. Chicken and rice
  10. Chili

Sandwiches:  Sandwiches are served with lettuce and condiments for $6 per person except flatiron ($9).  Sandwich with soup $9 per person.  With soup and salad $10 per person.

  1. Chicken wrap
  2. Ham and cheese
  3. Beef and cheese
  4. Turkey and cheese
  5. Philly cheese steak
  6. Flatiron steak on a tortilla with lettuce, tomato, and cheese

Salads: Salads are served with a roll, bread, or biscuit – dessert – drink for $10 per person.

  1. Indian smoked salmon on greens
  2. Shrimp on greens
  3. Santa Fe – chicken with corn, black beans, tomato, and cheese on a bed of greens
  4. Caesar
  5. Spring greens with blue cheese, pecans, and dried cranberries
  6. BBQ Ranch – pulled pork with apple and dried cranberries

Dressings for salads: ranch, Italian, blue cheese, raspberry vinaigrette, chipotle thousand island, honey mustard